Naming a New Life

Each and every new life is precious.

Every new addition to a family is a reason to celebrate.

There are a multitude of ways to create a naming ceremony. You might choose to welcome a new-born or create a celebration for a blended family. I’ll happily help you to create a day filled with as much sunshine and laughter as possible.

There are so many joyous ways to celebrate a new life – you could hold a garden party to include a tree-planting or perhaps create a time capsule. The choice is yours.

How about including your wider family and friends as guide-parents in the ceremony on the day?  Think of the fabulous memories we can create.

I can help you to host a family ceremony that will live in your memory for generations to come.

As a professional celebrant I’m here to give you the support you need.  Just get in touch using the contact form below for an initial free chat to see if I’m the right person for your landmark celebration.